2018 E.E. Weekends

Month    Dates    

Jan       19 - 21      

Mar       2 - 4         

Apr        13 -15     

May       18 - 20     

Jun        22 - 24   

Sep         7 - 9      

Oct        12 - 14    

Nov       16 - 18 

All weekends are held at the Emmaus Centre
The cost of the weekend is TTD$950.00 plus a non refundable, non transferable Registration Fee of TTD$50.00 per couple. TOTAL TTD$1000.00.

For Further Information and/or Registration
Harold & Elvina Wellington:        632-4472   


Jose & Barbara Salazar:          637-5939/762-9908
josebarbarasalazar @ hotmail.com


Anthony & Angela Mitchell:      646-9057/724-5793/735-0101
campbell9971 @ hotmail.com

Couples are reminded that they are expected to give to their Parish Priest six (6) months notice of their intention to marry.


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Letter Excerpts



Thank you for your time, talent and openness in sharing your marriage experiences with us.  We shall remember it always when we are faced with challenging times ahead. 
Jeanine and Jason

Thank you for making this experience one which brought us even closer together than we already were.  We most definitely plan to use what we have learnt to make our marriage life a successful one. 
Rene and Nigel

This weekend has had such a tremendous impact in our lives and we really look forward to taking your counsel into our marriage.   We appreciate your candour and will continue to pray for you and your families and hope that you know that your contribution cannot go unmentioned.  Thanks for everything.
Duane and Sindy-Anne

The knowledge we have gained will be a billboard on our road to marital bliss.  We thank you. We bless you.
Damian and Aisha

The lessons learnt here will undoubtedly allow us to experience a happy, fulfilling marriage. 
Joseph and Candace

We were able to explore and experience the true meaning of unconditional love.  We both have a better understanding of the gift of Holy Matrimony and we vow to allow God to be the centre of our relationship.
Billy and Crisita

Couple Dialoging

Couple dialoguing on the weekend

Couples listening attentively to Lester and Aura Victor